Valley Bees

In early 2011 I was contacted by two blokes from Gympie who had an idea to form a group of people interested in all aspects of beekeeping. The idea was to bring together people with all levels of beekeeping experience and those who were passionate in the conservation and health of all types of bees including honeybees, native stingless and solitary native bees and create a forum in which people could share their experiences and knowledge. 

Those two gentlemen were father and son team Athol and Glenbo Craig, and their concept became ‘Valley Bees‘.  Athol is a longtime beekeeper, an absolute wealth of knowledge and one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet. His son, Glenbo, came from the advertising and publishing industry and is an incredible motivator, an accomplished photographer and a driving force behind the success of ‘Valley bees’. Athol was quickly voted in as President of the newly formed group and I was lucky enough to become the inaugural Vice President. 

The group’s members now number in the hundreds and ‘Valley Bees’ hold monthly meetings as well as organise field days, workshops, demonstrations and host guest speakers. 

To learn more about Valley Bees contact Glenbo Craig at  or visit their website at

Glenbo has created a lot of handouts of information from ‘Valley Bees’ and made them available as downloadable documents on the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee’s website at

A great shot by Glenbo.
This is one of my favourite shots of Glenbo’s. Who knew pollen came in so many vibrant colours. Check out the purple pollen.